Water Restoration & Structural Drying

Have you found unexpected water damage at your home or business? The first 24 hours is critical in the drying process to prevent further damages.

Extraction and structural drying need to begin immediately or can cause secondary damage to personal contents; such as clothing, photos, furniture, drywall, flooring, subfloor, cabinets and many others. With the use of water extraction, air movement combined with dehumidification and the continued monitoring we can achieve safe and successful results to restore life back to normal living.

Carpet Cleaning

State of the art truck-mounted 240 degree steam cleaning combined with the industry’s best carpet cleaning solutions can effectively break down heavy soiled areas and restore that carpet to like new.

Upholstery Cleaning

State of the art truck-mounted 240 degree low-pressure steam cleaning combined with the industry’s best solutions can effectively break down soiled areas, stains and restore your furniture to like new. Ask about furniture protectant.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Have you noticed your grout getting darker in higher traffic areas? Even if you constantly mop or wipe down a build up will occur due to the porous characteristics of grout.

Two options:

  • 1. Clean every square inch on hands and knees
  • 2. Use our high pressure self-contained spinner tool do the work for you.

Janitorial Services

Tailored cleaning to fit the day to day needs of a business, medical facility, apartment complex, restaurant and many more.

Strip & Wax

Removal of old finish and apply fresh new shine

Air Duct Cleaning

Safe and effective duct cleaning without cutting any holes or damaging any supply/cold air lines. Check our system out at ramair.co.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Pesky dryer vents caked with of old lint? Improve efficiency of dryer, reduce utility bills and prevent a fire with a simple cleaning procedure!

Carpet Install & Stretching

Ice Dam Removal

Cold winter? Gutters packed with ice? Are water spots developing on your ceilings or walls? WE CAN HELP!! Safe and highly effective ice removal process without compromising the integrity of gutters or roof shingles!!